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Trade In Information at Allstate Vehicles, Inc.

The value of any particular used car or truck is not hard to determine. There are widely respected guides for valuation, such as Kelly Blue Book, NADA, as well as online market reports that are updated weekly for dealer access and interpretation.

It is important to remember that the printed pages in the value guides do not have a picture of your car (or our car) next to the dollar value. Every page displays the disclaimer “deduct for reconditioning”. Every used car is an individual and must be appraised accordingly. True market value is revised downward when a vehicle shows more wear or mileage than it should compared to others in the population. Conversely, market value is revised upward for exceptional vehicles with low miles that are like new.

You know the vehicles we offer for sale are priced at real value. We don’t raise the selling price towards retail book just so we can offer you a lot for your trade. We deal in real numbers, both ways. This is the only way you can make an intelligent buying decision. You will appreciate knowing all the real numbers that resulted in your transaction.

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